Concrete Construction

Our Mission:

To be Wichita and Garden City’s concrete subcontractor of choice, by delivering high-quality craftsmanship that exceeds our customers’ expectations and builds lasting relationships through exceptional workmanship by every member of the construction team, at a profitable margin. We will maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our customers, suppliers and our employees. We will provide a positive working environment for our employees where individual growth and success is the foundation for company growth and success.

Types of Work We Perform


A wise man builds upon a solid foundation.

These are the words Builders Plus was built on. From grade beams to mat footings, we perform almost any structural foundation work you could think of.

Concrete Walls, Columns, Pilasters

Whether structural, retaining, or foundation stem walls, we can take on any size wall. We normally opt for either plywood formed walls or using an Ellis hand-set system. However, when the project calls for it, we are experienced using gang-set MevaLite formwork systems.


Having purchased our first Somero Laser Screed in 1999, we have been an expert in large finished floors for most of our history. Along with our fleet of riding power trowels, we ensure FF and FL requirements are met. We do not perform concrete polishing surfaces, but we do understand our part in ensuring our work allows for any high-gloss requirements.


Having become more and more popular, we decided to take our expertise with finish floors above grade. With our walk-behind Somero Laser Screed, we create quality finished floors on any level.

Structural Slab

We have been installing structural slabs for years including shoring, forming, and placement.

Misc. Building Concrete

Miscellaneous building concrete we perform includes:

Housekeeping pads
Interior curbs
Concrete filled stair pans and landings
Topping slabs over hollow core panels / double-t's
Formed stairs

Site Work

When included in a turn-key package, we perform any work neccessary on the exterior of a building including but not limited to:

Curb & Gutter
Light Pole Bases
and more...